Is Star Citizen Worth the Money?

When star citizen was first announced. It seemed almost impossible that such feat could ever be accomplished. However, all that has been proven wrong by the famous Designer: Chris Roberts. He is man behind big space titles like the Freelancer. It is hard to know what really motivated him to go on such an endeavor. But one thing is clear, he really likes the space based games and he is going to revive every bit of it. He is not just going to revive it, he is going to take gaming to the next level. Level that was previously unfathomable.

Unlike most of the online games out there. This is not a game that caters to vast majority of the gamers. In fact, it really aims to cater to a specific elite gamers with very powerful PCs. This game is only going to be released for PC because consoles frankly do not come near in comparison to PCs in terms of performance. Star Citizen is the kind of game that would make you invest in a new system. You would be impelled to buy new monitorĀ for gaming, graphics cards, RAM, processor and what not. You can learn more about them here:

The ambition behind this game is second to none. No game designed has ever ventured into make such a huge game without the backing of huge publishers like the EA. It is also one of the reasons why this game has taken so long to complete. The game requires constant funding and backing by the players. With the big publishers backing a game that is not an issue. This game requires monetary support directly from the players. By cutting the middle man out (publisher) this game in fact would cost much less than other AA title or complete. I wouldn’t call this a AAA title, because it way beyond any AAA title game in terms of production values, gameplay, graphics etc. Also by cutting out the publishers, the designer has all the room and say in making the game that players want and not that publishers see fit.

Star citizen is basically a space simulation game. It is heavily based on physics so it will require some very powerful rig to run. The graphics of this game are perhaps the most beautiful ever and will most definitely set the standard for many games to come.

Some critics actually have said that this is not a very successful of making games that most games following this model would face bankruptcy. The same could not be said at least for Chris Roberts because he already has a very established reputation.

Only time will tell how this game fares among the games. This game will not be free. It will be an open online multiplayer game; however. it would charge $60 upfront and then it yours to play forever. This is different from EVE online that actually charger every month.

You can have a look at World of Tanks if you are looking for an awesome free online game.

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